After listening to feedback from our burners and players, we realised that it would be a good idea to add an intermediary stick to our product range.

In order to increase choice and customisation, we redesigned the curved BC Stick, making improvements to its height, width and material.

We'd already invented the Curved Vitality Stick for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. However, the Xbox One and Xbox 360 are quite low down whereas the Curved Vitality Stick is rather high up. We therefore decided to design an in-between stick which adapts perfectly to your FPS requirements. Being slightly higher than our classic sticks, the BC Stick Curved L increases fluidity of movement during gameplay.


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The second aspect we focused on was stick width, as we also wanted to introduce a new diameter that occupies a middle ground between the larger Xbox 360 stick and the smaller XBOX One stick.

The new BC Stick is easier for your thumbs to reach, giving you a more stable, comfortable grip in order to enhance your aim and ease of movement.

What’s more, the material offers improved grip to help enhance Game feel. All these new features allow the BC Stick Curved L to fit perfectly into the existing product range, thus providing an intermediary solution.


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