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Today, BC is going to announce a bombshell that is sure to delight many of you. Since the beginning, we have been working together to make gaming history by making a significant contribution to advanced gaming technology.

remapping burn


The Next Gen remapping coming to PS4 and Xbox One


Remapping next GEN (patent pending) is our very own LA technology which lets you add any keys of your choice to your paddles.

Already present on existing consoles, remapping is finally making a major comeback! And since we never stop innovating, we have given Next Gen remapping a slight technological boost by designing 14 action keys for your paddles. But that’s not all...

Whether you’re a COD, FORZA ou GTA fan, this feature will satisfy everyone - now you can adapt your controller to all your games!


A small revolution in the making…


NEXT GEN remapping NEXT GEN offers more options than ever before:

  • All action keys are interchangeable (i.e. 14 keys per paddle, creating 196 options in total) What could be better than that?
  • Easy-to-use technology (press down on the paddles and key - it’s as simple as that!)
  • More reliable and credible with a registered patent, our latest technological innovation is easy to install on your existing controller
  • REMAPPING… Because we can’t imagine a future without it, Next Gen remapping is available on all controllers. We’re already living tomorrow’s world!


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