Why you'll be going crazy for the Reflx Switch.

Always on the lookout for ways to improve our designs, we couldn’t hold back this time… We’re currently working on developing our paddles into a ReflX version to be released in the near future.


BC revolutionises gameplay

After significant research led by ergonomists and gamers alike, we discovered that we could adjust the support points on our paddles to match the shape of the controller in order to provide a more natural feel while improving hand grip. With this principle in mind, we decided to redesign our paddles, enhancing ergonomics and precision.


A hypersensitive, all-over clicking area


Our innovative range of ReflX paddles has the following advantages:

• Immediate reflexes: thanks to the hyper-responsive Reflx paddles, actions can be triggered at the click of a button.

• All-over clicking area: lets you operate the paddles by simply gripping or pressing them.

• Redesigned shape: reflX paddles mirror the shape of the controller, providing optimal hand grip.

ReflXSwitch is a TeamBC innovation which aims to increase comfort during gameplay to continually enhance performance.


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