BC ReflX Carbon & ReflX Hammer

As each gamer has it owns need, as each morphology is unique, we have created 2 types of paddles in order to give a correct solution to any gamer.


REFLEX SWITCH: BC Signature paddles. With it’s very own design and a shape on edge of the controller. With an extended click pressure surface, your fingers will naturally get in contact with this switch. The Reflx Switch is the fastest responding system that brings action to live with the shortest respond time. This system is triggered with a very unique squeeze pressure that will make the action very instinctive. Combined with a mechanical switch system, you will experience proper competitive gameplay, even shall it lasts for hours !


HAMMER SWITCH : The hammer switch is the answer to all pro gamers that shall prefer the push/pressure experience. They reconnect our referenced users to the very first feeling they experienced with our product. Very responsive, the Hammer Switch will allow you quick action with a minimum of effort, and efficient responsive time for a perfect gameplay. the onboard technology being mechanical, you will experience proper competitive gameplay, even shall it last for hours !


PLEASE NOTE : both REFLEX SWITCH / HAMMER SWITCH benefit a hot swap system, so you can change from one to the other at any time/reason and without any tool.


To find the ReflX Carbon click here

To find the ReflX Hammer click here






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