Bluetooth PS4

If your sticks turn by themselves or they don’t respond immediately, or the controller has a response delay (lags), don’t worry - your BC controller is not to blame. You are undoubtedly the victim of a Bluetooth desynchronisation.


Here is the solution to solve the problem:

Remove all wave sources which could cause interferences. Move you mobile phone, Wifi and other Bluetooth devices away from your controller…

The problem will go away immediately!


If your Bluetooth is still not working properly (perhaps your gaming environment is still saturated with wave sources), you can always buy a Cronus Max. This accessory has been successfully used in official competitions with hundreds of people (and telephones) in the room!


NB: Sony will release a bug fix to improve Bluetooth connection in the near future.


If you think there is something else wrong with your controller, please contact us so we can find a solution.

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